Rainy Day.

This morning we zip-lined through a mountain forest in the middle of a tropical storm. Well, for the first hour it was bright sunshine, then the rain started and lasted about two hours, which cut our zip-lining adventure short as we were given the opportunity to take a 10 minute walk back to the office. Except this walk was more like a life-threatening, vertical, mudslide to hell… The guide thought it was hilarious and to be honest the adventurer in me did too. Thankfully, once we were back at the office we were given towels and clean t-shirts, plus warm food and drinks whilst we waited for our bus back to the hostel. Just in time for the sun to come back out! 

After a brief shower and change at our hostel we went for a walk to the east side of Old Town where we’ve not been before; the heat was stifling. It hadn’t rained in the city, only in the mountains but we should have known something was coming. Eventually we’d had enough of walking and chose a restaurant to eat in which sold Khao Soi – a dish that was recommended to us by Canadian Russel and a very good recommendation indeed! Then it started to rain! So we paid our bill and hitched a taxi – who took us to the airport instead of our hostel because he misheard what I said. A nice 20 minute round trip for nothing. To say we’ve been blessed by two monks and are supposed to be gifted by luck and fortune, Buddha has really pissed on our Pad Thai today! 

But I am now in bed, feeling very comfortable, warm and content in our three-bed hostel room with Tom on the upper bunk-bed singing Lion King for his own entertainment. 

I can see tonight being a musical night! 

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