The Variety of Chiang Mai.

Yesterday was a day full of variety and spontaneity. Firstly we went up into the mountain by truck-taxi to visit Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep (yes another temple). The temple itself was pretty similar to the ones we’ve already seen but what made it worthwhile were the 309 steps up to it, the stunning views over Chiang Mai at the top and the downhill trek through steep, narrow woodland on the way back. 

Later, we visited Catmosphere – a cat sanctuary cafe! We were greeted at the door by the owner who kindly asked us to take our shoes off outside to replace them with some of their house-slippers and then clean our hands. He let us in, and seated us on the cushions on the floor, where we were instantly greeted by cats playing and chasing each other. I honestly think I felt more happy and content being surrounded by cats than I did by the elephants! There’s definitely a niche market for a cat-cafe in Barnsley: someone please open one! 🙂

After spending a good hour or so chilling with the cats and drinking our smoothies we flagged down a taxi and headed to a massage centre to have an hour long foot massage with reflexology. I’ve always wanted to have a foot massage but never had the chance to have one and seeing as we’ve walked at least 4 miles every day since we’ve been in Thailand we thought we’d treat our feet to some well needed respite. We chose to go to a massage centre that’s been opened for ex-prisoners of a Thai female prison. It was opened to help rehabilitate them back into the community instead of going back into a life of crime. It sounds very dubious, but we’ve walked past it every day on our travels and it was always busy with other likeminded tourists. We paid 200 Baht (£4) for an hours massage: divine! 

As soon as we finished having our little pamper session we headed straight outside, as on a Sunday Chiang Mai hosts one of the largest night markets in Thailand. It was extremely busy but there were lots of bargains to be had and not to mention the food vendors. A three course meal, from three seperate vendors, cost us £1.67 each! How can anyone complain at that? And the food was gorgeous. It was a nice way to end a very varied day in Chiang Mai. 

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