Chiang Mai…

Earlier today we arrived in Chiang Mai. Instantly we felt more relaxed and at ease as we were wondering around this calm place. 

In comparison to Bangkok, Chiang Mai is quieter and more carefree; although there are lots of locals there are less people hassling you for Tuk Tuks and private tours, the air smells of fresh, crisp jungle; and random rain showers are quite refreshing in the heat. Although the clouds have been hanging low in the sky, we’ve been able to catch glimpses of the mountains in the jungle to the west of the city. This is where it’s at for me… Nature, mixed in with some culture mixed in with some exploring, and a little bit of relaxation. A foot massage is definitely on the cards, especially after all the trekking we’ll be doing! 

We’ve landed on our feet with this hostel were at tonight. I found it before we came and picked it because of its location and reviews. For the price (£2.50 each per night) we can’t complain. Infact, we’ve booked in for the following three nights after tomorrow night. 

Tomorrow we’re going to an elephant sanctuary and then staying overnight with a hill tribe in the jungle. We’re both so excited to finally be doing this. We booked it ages ago. I think it’ll be the experience of a lifetime! 

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