At the airport…

So we’ve just got through security, had a wonder around duty free (with a standard trying on of sunglasses and a spray or three of perfume) and now we’re having the usual pint in the bar before we go to board the plane in an hour and half. Meaning I have plenty of time to write a few words on my blog…

I can’t believe it’s actually come to this time already. I’ve been dreaming about this day for so long that it doesn’t feel real and this week I’ve felt quite nervous about it all. Not knowing where we’re going or where we’re staying from one day to the next is exciting but I’m feeling slightly apprehensive about it all. For some strange reason I’ve been having rather disturbing thoughts about being kidnapped, or falling from a cliff or being attacked by someone trying to steal my jewellery… Hence why I am not wearing any. Not even the ring my grandma bought me for my 21st birthday and it has NEVER been off my finger. Apparently I’m Tom’s ‘beard’ (a gay term I have only just heard of today and its a woman who a gay man uses to pretend to be straight), so I’m hoping this will be enough of a deterrent to stop any unwanted attention whilst I’m doing my travelling. I should be safe being Tom’s ‘beard’… Shouldn’t I? Tom feels a lot of responsibility for me too, even though he’s younger than me. I think he’s had the ‘Scarborough warning’ from my parents, his parents and Oliver! Poor lad. 

Anyway, Tom’s currently chewing my ear off about some shit that happened at school this week so I cant concentrate on my blog. 

See you at the other side! 

One thought on “At the airport…

  1. Toms beard….. Haha…
    Hope you didn’t spend too much money on duty free!!! Money better spent on Thailand. Hope flight was good. Our inflight meal to Thailand was lovely. Hope yours was too xxxx


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