This is my very first post…

This is my very first post.

Where do I start? Well, I’ll start by saying that as a lover of words of the English language and as I’m pretty decent with them (I don’t mind saying so myself), I thought that it’d be interesting to capture my thoughts as I travel Thailand this summer via a blog. Originally, I was going to do it the old school way and write in a paperback diary, but I’m backpacking so weight is limited and it seems unnecessary carrying a diary when I have a device I can use just as easily. It might not go well. I might be too enthralled with life to write a blog, but I intend to write it every day. Undeniably photographs are an amazing way to capture memories and you’ll see some of my amateur photography skills on here too (Instagram’s filters can take the credit for most of the likes I get on photographs ha). But I believe that there’s nothing like using words to capture a feeling you once had, in that one moment or space in time, and it be ready for you to recreate again in a month, a year or ten years time, when you read it again. And that’s the whole point of this blog for me. It’s not for anyone else; it’s for me. If other people read it and find it entertaining – well, then it’s a bonus!

So here goes…

Originally, this trip was an instant reaction to my last relationship breakdown. Clichè I know – but ever since I was a young girl the idea of “spending a summer travelling” was on my bucket list. Then life i.e. jobs, money, university, boyfriends, then a fiancé, buying a house, getting a mortgage – all got in the way. I don’t want to drone on about my last relationship as we all know how that story ends – the details are unnecessary. There’s no animosity between us anymore, he’s truly an amazing man – we just weren’t right for each other. For one reason or another we brought the worst out in each other and in those last few years we had together I lost myself. I’d morphed into a person I didn’t recognise anymore.

So when I made the decision that enough was enough, travelling around Thailand was on my list of priorities. To find myself again. And finally do something for myself. How selfishly gratifying to go travelling solo and experience the world and life with no one manipulating my decisions.

Change came all at the same time for me last year – as apparently it does for all scorpios (p.s – I’m a believer in astrology and how our birth date aligns our personalities with the world – hence the name of my blog). I left my fiancé after eight and a half years together, I moved in with my parents, I lost some friends and family through the break up and I changed my career of five years too. So last year was a huge turning point for me in all walks of life; it was devastating and exhilarating all at once.

A career change brought with it the opportunity to have seven weeks off over the summer (an ideal time to go travelling as I’d always wanted) and it introduced me to a new set of really good friends. Tom was one of them. It’s strange really because when I first met him I thought he was annoying and he thought I had ridiculous hair! Nevertheless, we quickly warmed to each other and we’ve become really good friends. After about a month of us getting to know each other, and as if by some purposeful creation of the world, Tom broke up with his boyfriend and being the good friend I was, I invited him on my soul-chasing Thailand trip. He needed it as much as me and I knew it’d work.  He didn’t annoy me and it was easy being around him. I knew that spending five or so weeks with him wouldn’t be hard and we could be free to do as we both pleased without irritating each other. My solo trip turned into a duo trip and I couldn’t be happier to share it with someone I get on so well with.

So here’s the exciting bit… We’re flying two weeks today! We’ll be in Thailand for five weeks and two days. We have a brief outline of where we want to go and what we want to see. The only things we have booked are: our flights there, an internal flight from Bangkok to Chaing Mai a few days into the trip, an elephant sanctuary experience in Chiang Mai and a hostel in Chaing Mai for one night. The rest is on a spontaneous, “let’s do this”, “let’s stay here one more night” or “let’s move on” kind of basis and I’m going to document it all on here. I’m not nervous one bit; I’m excited for the thrill of not knowing where the journey could take us, but I trust that we can handle this. At least I think we can…

Anyhow, I’ve been writing this blog post on my way to and from Ingleton waterfall trail with Gabes – my sunset chasing partner. I’ve been blessed with meeting this beautiful person this year, along with her brother Oliver who is purely an angel in my eyes. Oliver has been many things to me this last eight months: a bit of fun, a confidante, an adviser, a  repairer, a friend, a boyfriend, a lover, a soul mate – my soul mate (get the sick bucket on stand by). Surely soul mates can’t be expected to stay apart for too long?  I can’t go a day without pining for him (bleurgh)… no honestly I can’t! So thirty seven days seems preposterous! Thankfully, he’s flying out to meet me and Tom three weeks in to the trip and I’m so happy he is. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather experience some of the magical sights Thailand can offer (no offence Tom). Anyway, as I was saying, today me and Gabes have trudged through woods, hiked up hills, climbed up a near vertical cliff to get behind a waterfall, practiced some yoga up a hill, clowned around for some photo shots, had a nature wee behind a wall where some sheep were highly disapproving of our need for the relief on our bladders, and just generally enjoyed the world of nature.

So, if anyone is interested in following my journey through Thailand this summer (I don’t expect there to be many other than some of my family) this post should give you a little taste of my writing style and maybe what I’ll be getting up to every day. Who knows what could happen? Bear with me though because as you can probably tell, I’m quite a deep thinker (another Scorpio trait), my mind can often run away with me sometimes and I can go off on tangents, so explaining my thoughts isn’t always as straight forward as you’d think. I know said I’m pretty good with words, I’m often just not quick with them.

So, yeah, this was my very first post!

“What a time to be alive!”

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